So many things can go wrong that affect one's voice.Reflux, allergies, hormones, and medications all can affect your voice in ways you may not realize.We also demystify some wives tales about what to take whenyou're hoarse
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  • Bob,
    My first question would be what else did the scope show? Was there normal tone in the vocal folds? Were they bowed at all? How did they vibrate on strobe exam? Did they fatigue with repetitive activity. The answer to these questions would help to determine if this is age related. Also, if there is bowing and/or loss of tone in the muscles, there are procedures that can help with that. Obvioulsy, there are a few varibables here, but that's whay think just reading your post.
    Best wishes,
  • This may be a lesson in futility...but in the past 6 months, my voice has diminished to the point it's there for vo 1 out of 10 days. There is NO common denominator: allergy, weather, general environment, mental attitude, diet...etc. Went to well known ENT..did the camera nodes.. all looked well. At 70 years old, and after 17 years in broadcasting and 35 in vo work...I realize it may just be age. I'm over an octave higher than a year or two ago...and even trying to accept that and scew towards working at jobs that don't want yet another James Earl's VERY hard to do. Any unique observations will be welcomed.
    Bob Green
  • So Joe,
    Typically, a rattle is caused by excess phlegm. The phlegm makes it harder for the vocal folds to vibrate smoothly so that you don't a clear tone. Regarding the left side of your throat, it could be tonsils (possibly chronic infection), it could be reflux (which can also contribute to a rattle), or there could be something there. If the sensation is persistent, I'd recommend someone having a look just to be sure.
  • Hello Joe,
    My sincere apologies. I had a wedding in Michigan after a meeting in Atlanta. When I returned to Chicago, I was getting ready for the Midwest Voice Conference we had last week. All of that is to explain why I just now saw your comment posted.
  • Hi Doc, I have a question. Besides doing voice-over, I sing with a Salsa band and recently I've had some trouble with my range (tenor) that feels like a rattle on certain notes. Also, I've felt something in the left side of my throat for a while, sort of a tightness. Any ideas?
  • Hello all. I'm just sharing. I recently received an e-mail from a 16 year old male who wanted to know what warm-ups he should do. It got me thinking about puberty and the life-long influence of hormones on the voice. Has anyone run into that problem?
  • Hello Bonnie,
    Glad to know you as well. I'm sure you've have an interesting transition from teaching to performing.
  • Great information. Glad to know you.
  • Thanks Eric!!! I learn a lot by listening and trying to better understand what voice over artists go through. I want our serivices to be the best they can be, so I want to know how we can help.
  • This is an outstanding forum for us VO's. Thanks again for joining and offering your wisdom.

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