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  • Hi Corey, I was wondering what steps should I take to secure the help of an agent? And should I or do you think I need one at this stage of my career? Also help me to understand will an Aagent help me to get jobs? Thanks
  • Hello... I am relocating to the Austin Texas area very soon, and I am wondering it is best to contact agencies before I arrive there or should I wait until I am actually in town? You thoughts are appeciated.. Thank you...Mike
  • What would be an appropriate royalty payment for voicing an ipad app?
  • Hey Corey,
    I have a question for you. This has been eating at me for a while now. I had a new agent about this time last year and I auditioned for a Universal studios radio commercial. I auditioned from my home studio and it was a one word audition. I later heard it on the radio and thought "wow, that sounds like me". I taped it from the radio, played it back against my audition and it seemed like it was my second take, pitched a bit higher and placed in the spot. I wasn't able to actually download it to my editing software until just recently so I was only 95% sure it was me and until I was positive, I didn't want to say anything. Well, I am now 100% positive it was my audition that was used. I left that agent soon after the audition and we didn't part on the best of terms. I asked about an audition and she went ballistic on me and made me realize she had me mixed up with someone else at the agency. My question is, can I do anything about getting paid for this job? Even if I was still with this agent, could she go after the money? I am wondering if she did get paid for the job but because she seemed to think I was someone else, she paid someone else. What would you do? I do know who the production company was that recorded the spot. Should I contact them? I don't even know what I would say and if they stole it on purpose, then they could just hang up on me. I assumed it was a union gig but wasn't told when I auditioned so it might have been non-union.
  • Quick question Corey, IMHO, some people can do it, some can't, for whatever reason. Like so many others I enjoy the VO work and process, yet I say work, as in, I have had one job but I just started about a month ago. What I would like is someone with a non-biased opinion, an educated opinion, as to whether or not I might have a shot at actually working in this field. I put a few of my auditions together, added a music bed, ect, and posted it to my page. Any chance you, or anyone else, could listen to it and give me some feedback? Hey, if it ain't for me, I have a job, but I enjoy it. I don't trust anyone selling demo's because I am sure, to them, I am perfect, so pay me please. I am not looking for representation, just an opinion.
  • I'm based in Turkey... ditto Jef's question - are there any agents who will work with remote talent?
  • I'm based in Canada, does this cause any problems for U.S. agents who may want to represent me?
  • Follow-up on my previous comment below from May 28th:

    I am happy to report that the 600.00 I thought I would never see arrived in my mailbox this week. Yep, all of it. I contacted the head of IT, who is the boss to the person I usually work with to show my appreciation. Here is his response with names blocked out.

    Dear Johnny,
    I appreciate your patience as well, it’s important for me to try and rectify these situations, even though XXXX and I were just pawns in all of this. But I made sure you were listed as a critical vendor, because I especially wanted to make sure the little guys got their money back. You trusted us, and that means something to me.

    Have a great weekend, and hopefully we’ll be pushing some business your way in the near future.

    All my best,

    Tell me if that wouldn't make YOUR day. There are still honest people and companies out there. Choose your people carefully and remember that good folks are still around. Thank God.

  • Hey Corey,
    I am relatively new to VU and am developing my skills as a voiceover talent. I've been a professional recruiter for about 10 years, having worked in many different industries. Unfortunately, I am not working right now and wanted to know how I could apply my background to potentially become an agent. Would it be better to try to work for an agency or should I try to go independently? Any advice?
  • Thank you for the advice Robert. I may tip my hand to my direct contact there and see if I can pad my next invoices over time to make that 600.00 back. I have talent to pay too.

    And thank you too - I will join your group.

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