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  • Hi Johnny! Feel free to join my group, Ask a Voice Over Attorney, to post questions like yours as well. The answer to your question is you are in line, but way at the back. Unsecured creditors come last for payment. Unsecured creditors are those that do not have any property of the debtor attached by lien or mortgage. So, in all probability, you won't see payment for the gig.
  • Corey,

    I just received a notice of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy from a client of mine whom I just completed a job for less than 30 days ago. Am I out of luck on collecting? Or if this company is under the reorganization of Chapter 11, will I be in line to get paid?

    Do you have any insight or experience in this arena?
  • Hello Corey -
    I am considering union membership as well as agency representation sometime in the next year. I am not rushing in. I've been pondering this for over a year now.

    Are agencies seeking union members for the most part?I have seen union agencies, non union agencies and a mix of both, though non union agencies tend to be the minority. And if you have the time, would you address your answer with 2 different spins? First assuming that a Talent is after national spots and second that a Talent is not after national spots. Thanks in advance for your time.
    Barry Trussell
  • Patrick/Johnny -

    In the non-union voice over world, the rates really are all over the board. With the proliferation of home studios, the once artisan craft of voice overs (which indeed commanded a certain monetary value), is becoming more and more like a product on a shelf. Folks have "inventory" and they want to sell it. AFTRA scale is a good reference point, but I've seen talent advertise for a fraction of that. The best advice I can give is charge what you think your time and talent is worth. How ever high or low that number is, measure your rate by how well you can sleep at night.
  • Great question Patrick.

    May I add that I too would be interested in how to base rates when negotiating with independent clients who wish to play your VO work on Satellite Radio, Internet, Broadcast, Narrative, etc. Also, PSA's. I'm now hearing that a PSA should pay more than a commercial spot. I know it's all based on usage. But can you share a reasonable scale basis to figure this out on our own? I usually check the AFTRA rates and try and stay close to them for a ballpark idea.

    Thanks Corey in advance.

  • Roger -

    If possible, see if you can research and contact any of the other talent directly that the agency represents to get some scoop that way.
  • How does one go about checking on the credibility of a talent agency? Especially one in another state. I haven't mentioned the agency name because of my fear of breaking with protocol here and also because it might be bad form. However, since I'm too far a way to visit for a personal interview I would like to find out more.
    They have asked me to sign with them and I would like to know the best way to proceed in discovering if they're a good fit.
  • Hey Corey. Don't have a comment for the tread. Just a quick - how are things? Nice to put a face to your voice over the phone. Hope to talk with you soon. Wayne
  • Hi buddy
  • Mike -

    I've heard of instances like this before, but I agree it doesn't make much sense. When I send out auditions, I do it with the intention of winning the gig, so all talent that we may recommend should have the ability to to be right for the part.
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