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  • Hi Corey

    I'm going to see an agency in Ohio in Feb. So in the next few weeks I might have some questions for you, just so I know what to expect when I go their.

    Looking forward to learning a lot from you.

  • Hi Corey,
    Thanks for your time to answer all of our questions! Here goes my question: I live in the middle of nowhere in Rural Nova Scotia in Canada. I have a fair amount of work and some good repeat clients, but I would love to have an agent represent me to get more work. I got the attention of several of them but the first thing they ask is for ISDN. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of living in the paradise where we live is the lack of ISDN. I don't see it coming anytime soon. With the evolution of the Internet, do you see a change of technology, or is ISDN going to be there forever?
    Thanks again for your time and knowledge! Have a Prosperous 2009!
  • This forum is a blessing. I'm glad i discovered it. Happy hols and best wishes to all! :D
  • Hi Nancy -

    Happy to help. Have a good holiday.

  • Hi Corey,
    Everyone seems to love my character demo but, the agents just seem to want to listen to my commercial demo. I was recently told by a NYC agent who is with a bi coastal agency.... that he liked my sound on my commercial demo but already had others like me and suggested I move to CA to pursue character work. Do you think I should put more character stuff on my commercial demo to attract an agent. I'm in the CT/NYC area.
  • Hi Corey,

    Thank you making yourself available to us. That is something I love about the voiceover community, everyone is so giving. I want to preceed carefully in marketing my voiceover services. I say carefully because I'm one of those people who've been working hard in radio production for a few years, churning out tons of work. I'm studying with Nancy Wolfson now and will record a new demo with her in Los Angeles in 2009. In the meantime I still want to get more work. Do you think my demo is okay for marketing in small to medium agencies and production companies? I would be grateful to you if you would visit my page on this site and listen to my demo.

    Thank you so much,

  • Vincent:
    Most agents will not be willing to even have a discussion with you if they don't like your demo, so start by making sure your demo is as polished as possible. From there, send it to as many agents as you can. Send CD's, email mp3's, post it to websites like this one. Do a little fishing first to see who bites. The reps that think you are marketable should reach out to you. Once that happens, take that time to get to know each agent as best as you can. If they are local, ask to take them to lunch. The informal setting could help make both of you more comfortable. If you don't get bites, jump on the phone and pound out some calls. It's a war of attrition, but if you are truly passionate about what you do, you'll start to win some battles. Good luck!
  • Corey, I am a developing voice over artist and I must say that this is an awesome website! To be able to actually speak with an agent in the business is just liberating. My question is this......you see I know that the relationship between the Agent and the Artist is intimately powerful towards the success or failure of each party. Thus my question.....How could I interview agents to determine which agents would work best for my career? I am in Moreno Valley, southern California and plan to take classes in the first 3 mos of the new year. When I make my craft public I want to come hard and ready. I look forward to your response. Thankyou. Vincent R. Brown.
  • Corey-

    Thanks for being the "good angel" on my shoulder. You're a great resource. :)
  • Thanks for your prompt response. Your reply gives me a lot of hope. That said, are you folks looking for new talent? Please have a listen to my demos, and keep me in mind.
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