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  • Hi Norm -

    Geography should have little to do with you scoring representation. If an agent thinks your voice is marketable, as long as you can send an mp3 or have access to an ISDN line, you should be fine. Don't allow that to be an obstacle. We have worked (and we currently work) with talent in Canada. Their location never poses a problem.
  • I have a question. I'm in Canada, and pretty much have planted roots, so the chance of moving is not really an option. That said, I'd like to break out and get representation. Now, would an agent take me on? There is of course ISDN here , and the magic of digital makes things so much simpler
  • Lowell -

    I would say the first company that contacted you should get your audition. Even though the internet site (which I'll bet is voice123) gives you feedback, chances are they have dozens of folks auditioning for the same spot. The brick and mortar agency may only have 2 or 3. So just by the numbers, you'll have a better shot. All that being said, it should really be first come, first serve.

    Fighting the urge to double dip is a good thing. You can't put a price on integrity. Word travels quick. To get lots of business is good. To keep it because you are a stand up guy is better.
  • Corey-
    Not sure you've had this one thrown at you yet, but if brick and mortar talent agent "A" sends me an audition to perform and email me back; and then internet talent agency "B" sends me the same audition a day later, should I ignore taking a second "bite of the apple"?
    The good thing about the internet site is you can sometimes read feedback letting you know if they liked you. I rarely get that with the brick and mortar guys.
    So far I've resisted the urge to double dip, but it's hard.

  • Jason -

    I would send the talent you are interested in a short message through this site that says something as simple as "Are you looking to get some more biz?" or "I'm a producer and I'd like to work with your voice." See if either of those approaches stick. With the economy the way it is right now, I have to think that a majority of the talent on this site would at least hear you out on your proposal.

    Hope this info helps. Email me a sample of your production to info@promedialabs.com.
  • hi, i'm from the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, would voice talents like me make it out there, would agents look for new voices from different places, would like to know.
  • Good Morning, my love!

    Do you any good publicists???!!! Preferably in the LA area...
  • Hi there:
    I work a lot in London, England and have been living there. I am now in LA. I have done everything (all work in London) from Movie Trailers, South Park character voices, BBC narration, Gallo Wine ads for Ireland and Garmin Navigation. I have one of the best agents in London. But here in LA, I can't seem to get an agent. I know it's LA and the system is different in London (voice actors don't audition, for example). Any advice on how I can attract interest from an LA based agent, given that I am a working voice-over artist in London? And by the way, I am American. As American as Sarah Palin! (okay, bad example)
    Thank you for your help!


    Steven Alan Green
  • I was curious: I have representation from some regional agents. I am wanting to step that up. Would my demo catch your attention? If not, what should I change? Yes, I have thick skin.EricMorgan-Commercial2008.mp3
  • Hi from Donna Summers, agent and owner of VoiceCasting and VOplanet. I tried to start my own forum discussion for talent and the web guy on this site told me that I couldn't do so, as apparently they only want one "ask an agent" site. He suggested I field questions and answers from this site, so here goes! Please let me know what questions you have for an agent with 30 pluse years experience in the talent industry. I come from a theatre, OC, VOC talent background and opened my own agency 30 years ago to serve models and talent of all genres. Twelve years ago I opened VoiceCasting and had probably the first web site repping VO talent on the Internet. Oh, those were the good old days when everyone said, "VO online? It'll never work!" I absolutely love what I do and love to help folks find positive ways to get ahead in their chosen field.

    So what can I do for you?
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