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  • Hello All,

    I can appreciate the great advice offered here, and hopefully I'll be able to add some things to this discussion in the near future. I have been working my local market in Michigan for sometime, and have decided to jump into the deep end of the pool. I am right now preparing my demo package to send to agents. I have researched the agents I am sending material, I have put together the appropiate CD (the demos are on my home page), written a short letter of introduction, and I am including a SASE for ease of reply.

    Here's the thing...These CD's are going out cold. In other words, without prior request or notification. Many of the agent sites I have read DO NOT want you to email or call them to ask if they're accepting talent. This scares the heck out of me, because the cost of putting these packages together isn't cheap (as you all probably know), and many give timelines of 60 to 90 days for response. Most I have read state that if you haven't heard from them in 90 days, then DON'T call because they have passed on the submission.

    Here's the other conundrum...I see agents with huge lists of talent. How much work and effort is put into each of those talents to get them work? I am sure, like any business, they have their top money makers, and devote most of their time to those accounts. How does they new guy compete in that world?

    One other point of concern...(*Sheesh doen't this guy ever shut up*)...I have heard that when approching an agent, they are almost more interested in how much you made last year then how your demo sounds. Is this true and how can you overcome that?

    I have been at this a long time, and these are concerns that have kept me in the shallow end of the pool, but I have recently adapted a "No Pain - No Gain" attitude. Forsaking humility for the moment, I know I have the experience and the talent to move up, but the more I research the more I learn that those aren't necessarily what opens doors. Having those assets are what keeps the doors opened, but it's getting in that door in the first place...That's the secret I need to learn.

    Thank you for taking a moment to read this. As my experiences with this endevor proceed, I will let you know how things progress.

    Talk Soon,
  • Conchita -

    I'm pretty sure StudioCenter has an office/studio in Vegas. They rep a ton of good talent.
  • Hi,
    I really appreciate finding this group. I'm looking for an agent in the Las Vegas area. I can travel on short notice to LA at any time also.
    Thank you
  • Thank You! I appreciate that! Another thing...I recently have been searching for an agent...would you suggest any specific agency? I am in NYC.

    Thanks Again!

    B. Stranger
  • Barbara - Your demo should contain snippets of what YOU think best represents you. Most demos are around :60 and should have 6-10 different clips. Don't get caught up in trying to advertise yourself as "versatile"- meaning you don't have to show in your demo every type of read you've ever done (i.e., hardsell, real-person, animation, narration, etc.) Stick to highlighting your strongest types of reads. And to your last question, you better wow that agent quick. If the first :10 seconds doesn't get his/her attention, it won't really matter what the remaining :50 is.
  • I think this is an awesome group! I wanted to ask....what exactly should go on a demo? How long should it be? How much of it does an agent actually listen to?
  • Can anyone tell me more about getting representation in the US? I'd like to be getting radio imaging work and more other projects like TV and Film Commercials.
  • Deby -

    I would check in with a friend of mine who runs a vo/prod company: Mike George at Creative Media Designs - cmdnyc.com.
  • Can anyone tell me which agents in NYC specialize or are good at booking character jobs.....such as on my demo?
  • Hi all!
    I have invested in Source Connect and have this as an option for sessions from this point on. My network is uber fast and can deliver stunning results. As a INCENTIVE BONUS to welcome new clients I am offering 10 FREE Promo/Trailer reads via my source connect solution. If you'd like to request a session please make contact through www.neilbentley.com. I hope we can work together soon!
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