I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • As a beginner I have a question about putting out work with background tracks. Is this required or necessary? If so... where is the best place to obtain such material. Thank you in advance....
  • Thanks so much for your response, Lani, and for the "call-out" to others! I really appreciate it and hope to hear from anyone that can offer any insight or suggestion about getting documentary gigs! Thanks again.
  • Hello Curt,
    Actually I have seen very few auditions for documentaries myself. Many years ago I tried making myself available to National Geographic via a trade show with no luck. Peter Coyote and Sir David Attenborough seem to land a lot of PBS docs as well as of course Sigourney Weaver's wonderful job on the Planet Earth series. If anyone reading this has suggestions for Curt, please let us know.
    Best of luck!
  • Hi Lani! The info you provide is great. My thing is documentaries. Is there necessarily a different process that's followed to cast voice talent for documentaries vs., say, straight commercial/promo spots?
  • Hi Tim and all. If you scroll down to Aug 27th you can still find two zip files with a huge range of characters and lines that exemplify what kinds of range are needed for computer games and animation. Hope that helps. If I need to repost I will.
    Happy Haunting!
  • Hey All! I'm new to VO work and this site! I do VO for local commercials, as I'm a radio producer, but I'm very much wanting to get into something more creative! Games? Cartoons? Whatever! I want in! Any good idea where to start?
    Here is a demo of a little show I do for my station (No worries, no IDs or adverts!):
    I do all the writing and production, but I only voice the cab driver. Any thoughts? Critiques? I'm all ears!
  • How much time to respond to a casting director---NOW
    Its' to competitive to wait!
  • Happy October everyone! I hope we can all somehow cross paths soon if you're interested in voicing games since we may be entering the slow down period soon. I'm looking into retiring from that aspect of VO---casting.....but so far the world isn't letting up on me yet. Good news for all of you!
    Hugs to everyone!
  • Great stuff on here. I was having a blast with the Male Character sampler doc.
  • Lani,
    Thank you, it's funny how when you think you are giving people what they want, it's not what they need. All those voices that you said to include are natural voices to me. Growing up in NYC, you hear and imitate almost every accent and mannerism. Being half Italian (don't let the last name fool you) a mafia voice is easy; in fact I have a demo reel of "Wise Guys". Thanks again for the advice.
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