I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • To Chip----Cartoon scripts would be the worst thing to use to put together a character demo, since most cartoons are flailing badly due to the boring influence of reality shows diluting the creative process of imaginative characters. I can tell you the most common things people put on character demos that is least used. For women it's the wicked witch and southern belle. For men it's the cowboy and Monty Python British voice. I'd suggest something Brooklyn a la Mafia, Russian accent, possibly Asian like a Samurai warrior of even David Carradine's version of Kung Fu, the evil Alan Rickman type, or Patrick Stewart Brit, Hispanic or Gang Bang Black, and if you can do African or Scottish, and possibly a Red Neck Bubba deep voice...those would be a start.
    Hero voices are again more boring than heroic and the radio puker voice might be usable but so many announcers can ONLY do that, it wouldn't set you apart.
    Hope that helps a little.
  • Hey Lani,
    Happy Autumn to you. Do you have a source to download short cartoon scripts so that I can record a new Character Voice demo, the one I have was an adlib. I want to punch it up. Also, remember me when the flood of games come, ready when you are.
  • Happy Autumn Everyone! Before I get blitzed with more games which are upcoming, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have here. Anything from what should and should not go on demos to what not to say to a director or how to ask questions to get the fastest results without being frustrated.
    Take care and good luck to everyone!
  • I will try and reiterate something very important about demos. For me, demos don't tell me how long it took you to perfect your demo. Nor does it indicate how well you take direction, how much of a whiner you might be or if you'll wince when I ask you to do strong pains or attack sounds, claiming it'll hurt your voice.
    Also try to refrain from telling stories on your demos. It's a dead giveaway that you made this up on your own without doing any real jobs. Fake clips or bits from cartoons or commercials with good production value if possible. No one will know if you didn't really do that Target ad or that enemy soldier from a game. Don't go back and forth between two voices in a conversation. Once we heard one voice, that's enough. Also when it comes to games or cartoons, look at the files I uploaded in my previous message to see the kinds of voices needed. I often hear too many western male voices or female witches. there's very little need for Apu, Arnold, Jewish yenta voices or old people voices, even those can be the most fun.
    Keep your demos shorter than 2 mins and make every snippet really short. If you don't have a huge library of voices, make your demo 30 secs and leave them wanting more. Don't prove you're lack of variety by going on and on in similar voices. Just another tip. Enjoy and be well!
  • I appreciate how everyone is so willing to audition and I just want you to please look at a couple of files I am uploading for male and female characters for some games that I've pieced together to give you a better idea of the range and creativity needed. DO NOT SEND ME ANY AUDITIONS FOR THESE PARTS. Demos and auditions tell me nothing unless I direct them. Have fun playing with these.MALE CHARACTER SAMPLER.zipFemale Character and Kid Sampler.zip
  • Hello everyone and thank you for all your posts and comments. I too was really disappointed that I couldn't teach more of you my instant tricks and myriads of voices when I offered my classes the one and only time I could. I have since been inundated with jobs and castings but I'm now in a holding pattern for the next game. Just so you know, my time is now even more limited so I unfortunately cannot keep spending hours and hours with each talent evaluating their abilities which is normally the best way for you to be added to my talent pool. I found myself having to illustrate my coaching methods to a lot of people who unfortunately were the victim of crappy classes which didn't teach much but cost a lot. Maybe if there's another lull I can offer the coaching or classes again. Just can't guarantee anything.
    I mentioned retiring to a couple of people and ever since I did that, I've been swamped. I'll do my best to get to as many people as I can, but meanwhile keep those comments and questions coming. Hugs to all.
  • Hi, Lani. Thought I'd drop another line. I was just cast as Old Master Yee in RAGE OF THE GLADIATOR for GHOSTFIRE GAMES. Would love to be considered part of your talent pool. I'm represented by Jason Sasportas of Stewart Talent NYC. Any chance of meeting in person to discuss how we might be able to work together? Hope all is well...warmest regards, Wayne Pyle
  • Hi Lani,
    How does one get in your Talent pool?
  • I am downhearted to have missed your class and distraught that you may not be running them again. :-(

    Good luck with the course and the casting.

  • Just viewed Shelly's portrayal of Lirum on youtube-WOW!! Check it out people.
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