I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • Hi Lani,
    I'm sorry I couldn't sign up for the class today. I am sure it is amazing. If you are interested in finding new voice actors, (I assume we don't have to take your class to be considered) please take a listen to my interactive demo or my animation demo. I am just up the road in Orange County and have a home studio. I have voiced a few characters for some video games and would love to be added to your roster of voice talent.
  • Hey Lani,
    Don't give up casting games, gaming systems are always changing and games need to be re-vamped, so there is constant V/O work. I do many voices for Audio Dramas and Animation; none to date have been my own. You just need to find people who can call upon their experiences and reach deep into their emotional core. If you need versatile voice, I'll be glad to audition. B)
    Chip Joel
  • Deby---Thank you for sharing your sorceress file. The reverse reverb masks a bit of your voice, but it's a good start. Too bad you didn't sign up for any of my classes or coaching. I'm casting a game right now and after this, we finish up another 5,000 line game. I'm debating whether I want to continue casting games. Most people just still don't have the chops needed to hit the ground running for most of the titles I cast. But I wish everyone well and hope someday we may cross paths. If I retire, I'll announce it here.
  • Hi Deby-Just checked out your site-very nice-some great characters too! Don't you just love character work?! Me too. Keep up the good work.Regards,Ed Mace
  • Hi Lani,
    I've actually been doing a lot of teen characters for video games & book trailers lately. I also did an older female sorceress for a D&D game. Character work is my specialty. Here is my D&D game demo

  • Welcome to Roy and John...and happy summer to all. I just wanted to do a quick reminder that my upcoming class August 5th will be the most killer class of all. Over 2 hours expanding your vocal pantheon to cover everything from totally new pitches, accents, textures, characters, and voice acting. Money back guarantee, and I will NOT be offering these classes again this year, and perhaps this may be the last time.
    I'm adding people to my talent pool and this is the best way to do it. PLUS you'd be getting paid enough with your first job to make your class fee FREE. Remember you can always write off classes, magazine subscriptions, video rentals, game rentals, almost anything related to research -as you can call it- for voices.
    Please RSVP by the end of Aug 3, or I can't guarantee a place. keeping these classes really small so there's a lot of personal attention.
  • Thank you for the invite Lani.
  • Hi Lani

    Thanks for the invite. Been parusing your posts. Lots of good info. Thanks!
  • I thought I'd post something regarding courses. there are many courses being offered out there so you are right to be skeptical. Some are paid auditions where you learn nothing but pay to be seen in front of a casting director. Some are taught for more money than they're worth and others go more for the theory and self motivation stuff, which is ok but different than being shown by a master craftsman who is skilled and given their tools and talents so you can be a master craftsman too. No matter who you train with, you should end up feeling like you were "enabled" and given the power to "perform" and "work" and "pupate" beyond where you were before you took that course. I am not going to try and sell you on my classes because that would be smarmy. But I do have a money back guarantee, and no matter who you take from.....I feel for you and want you to be the best you can be and MORE than you ever thought you COULD be.
    best of luck to all and I hope I get to have the privilege of crossing paths with you.
  • If you happen to read this, please note, my class schedule has been moved later by one week. Too many last minute people. So I'd love to have anyone in my next class or classes and will offer VO universe people special bonus offers. You can contact me at lani@audiogodz.com But you need to register well in advance so I can send you materials and set up our recorded session.
    All the best and I look forward to hearing from you!
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