I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • Hi Lani, thankx for the invite.

    As previously stated I will play the "quiet" spectator for now as my career? is in abeyance whilst travelling. Your comments regarding the distinct differences and advantages of Voice Actors V VO Artistes was noted and appreciated. Lets see where my career goes , we'll talk again no doubt.

    best Daniel
  • Hello! Lani. You've sparked my interest and curiosity. The stuff the Congress of Wonders did was very much like audio cartooning. I love doing characters and working in teams. So,turn me on,I'm a radio(thank you,Joni Mitchell). Hope to hear from you soon. Wesley Hind.
  • Hi Lana,
    OK here I am.. Thanks for the invite. I'm very much looking forward to getting involved.
  • Hi Lana!

    Thanks for the invite! I'm looking forward to getting involed soon!
  • Hi Lani, thank you for getting in touch. It is great to be part of VU and this group. Please, feel free to get in touch. Hope to hear from you soon.
  • Thanks for your time today Lani, I'm looking forward to talking more and learning lots.
  • Lani sorry for any confusion regarding agent apple and the I Group. I was directing those comments to Kevin.

  • In case anyone needs these links again.. Here they are:

    Private Coaching and Demo Evaluations

  • Hi Everyone and thanks for joining up. First let me tell you that I hope to get some of you in my classes coming up soon because I want to add you to my talent pool and most anyone will benefit and be able to get a lot more work--I even have a money back guarantee. I really hate seeing you wonderful people waste money on things which don't help you and I am here to show you a whole other side of being able to learn in a second and instantly use what you're taught and Voila! I will end up paying you money for jobs you do and you end up profiting.
    Please don't think you have to attend a class to be part of my pool, but I can almost guarantee that anyone....even the most experienced....will be pushed way beyond what they think is needed with my realm. I look forward to getting to know you all.
    Now since I can't seem to reply to individual posts here goes:
    Jack.: welcome and please note that having control over a singing voice is half the battle won.
    Reynaldo, your Spanish is great and if you ever want to try voice acting in English with a Spanish accent, I'm here for you.
    Tom: Sorry I don't recall anything about Agent Apple. Maybe you can refresh my memory. I also don't know about "I Group"
    Kevin and those liking my comments about Financial Core---YES! tell all your friends. It's time the union either got user friendly and differentiated genres differently for paying by the voice etc, (and a lot of other issues) or we should all be FiCore! Booyah! LOL
    Again don't forget my first class is filling up and it's July 29th so I'd love to hear from you soon!
    All the best!
  • Hello "ask a casting director" and all here from VU,

    I must say I do enjoy the posts and the knowledge base here is great indeed that is why I felt I must come clean about who I am and what I do first when I first came here I was sent here by a friend who does voice over work and the process is familiar to me being a musician for 40 years kinda makes me a expert in audio production and with well over 15,000 mixed arrangements in my
    data base affords me the right to call myself a professional and that is why I am here to learn this craft music and singing are the air that I breathe and that is why I am here to learn and network with you all so I will not lurk in the shadows any longer and if anyone needs to know about talents I will gladly work with you anyway I can.
    Jack Henriquez
    musician,singer/songwriter and video-dude
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