I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • If anyone would like to see some scripts for games or talk to me about them, feel free to write me lani@audiogodz.com Scripts are really not the most well written so usually I just give people ideas of accents, types of voices and ethnicities, emotes and the most sought after voices.
    Trust me, I always ask if I can tweak scripts before we record, because, as is true with many scripts---they are the weakest link and can make us sound far inferior to our capabilities.
    Thanks and have a great weekend everybody!
  • Lani, I was curious, how could one come across a partial script to read? You know, so you could see if it is something you would actually be good at. Understanding that this type of work is much different than commercials or narrations. Would one have to simply turn on a game and transcribe from the script? Is there a place to find some of them? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Laryngitis is a bitch and I had a bug that made me sound textury all the time and I lost my highs too. I noticed for temporary relief, drinking warm water, humming in a low pitch to relax the chords and you could try some Bromelain/Papain herbs for swelling if Aspirin doesn't help. Coughing doesn't help for sure. If you don't have a lot of phlegm, Mucinex might not help, but try to get a cough suppressant going to give your pipes a rest. Used to be when I felt something coming on, I'd go get Olive Leaf Extract Capsules, Oil of Oregano Capsules and also Garlic caps and take a lot of them. the last cold I had with the laryngitis wasn't phased by any of it...But maybe if your system is not already accustomed to those herbs...give it a try. It kills about 56 more viruses and bacteria than antibiotics etc. Keep me posted and good luck.
  • Thanks Lani! It sure does help!

    You mention pain and swelling.... I've been battling some kind of bug for a while now. Near constant coughing has caused me pain and I believe inflammation. I have a gig that requires one of my higher voices coming up soon and as of today I still can't get there-- nothing comes out! Do you suppose an aspirin or ibuprofen would work? I need to get better-- and fast!
  • You can get into a lower register, Dina, when your chords are relaxed...especially when you just wake up. Do the lower voices first. Of course if you have yelling and pain and attack sounds, save for last and once you start to swell your chords you will only have mid range tones left...no extreme highs or lows. So if you are trying really hard to go as low as you can and it's a bit lower than is comfy, relax, tuck your chin down, open up the back of your throat like you would with a tongue depressor, round your shoulders forward and bring your arms up shoulder height and may a big circle like you are hugging a big soft boulder. Your chest cavity and voice placement should now be more cavernous and rich.
    Hope that helps!
  • I think our auds do sound different when we step away from them for a while. Sometimes I find myself going, "Ooh, why did I go that way?" when while I was in the midst of it or playing back right after, it sounded like the best choice.

    On another note.....

    Lani, you mentioned there was a better time to work on higher (or lower) register voices when having throat issues-like starting to lose your voice. I can't remember if you said it was better to do the high first then low or visa versa. I'm always flip-flopping things!
  • Hi Von, Jodi and all.
    thanks for posting your comments and I'd like to reply to the mention about how silly casting notices can get. Once I had someone asking for a voice for a normal human who would be in the forest fighting in some fantasy game. The description said, "A cross between Daffy Duck and Peter Lorre." Another game had this race that looked like Rob Zombie people with hanging skulls, long hair etc. They were supposed to be :smart because they studied astronomy. AND their accent was to be a CROSS BETWEEN ANCIENT PERUVIAN INCAN AND CELTIC!!!!

    Talk about trying to cross a rabbit with a jeep! Geesh!
    I really appreciate being directed myself as another set of ears is great when you're busy focusing on copy, technique and not making loud breath sounds. Isn't it interesting how we can listen to our auditions over and over again and finally send them off. .....but after a few minutes if we listen to them from our sent box,,,,,,we hear all kinds of flaws? Totally different mindset.
  • Hi Lani. Just wanted to thank you for offering to answer questions here. Your generosity is much appreciated! :) All the best, -- Jodi
  • Hey there, Lani - just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time to discuss character work with me yesterday, to give your insights and specific tips on ways to achieve stronger dialects, and the good recs on essential equipment needed to get my home studio going. All that for the low low cost of nothing! (you definitely got the raw end of the deal, I must say!)

    I appreciate your helpful attitude and willingness to share your wealth of experience with newer talent like me. I know I will be able to use some of those tricks going forward to improve my demo and my vocal skill-set.

    Keep me posted on any video game work you're casting that might be up my alley?! I'd love the opportunity to be directed by you in the future!

    CJ Adams
  • Lani...thanks for the invite. I find it so refreashing to hear you like to diirect your auditions...that in itself is too few and far between. Too often we find ourselves isolated in a world as quiet as our booths with no input as to what the client is really looking for. I think with a little direction from casting directors, pro voice folks could quite possibly obtain a little better "get:" ratio...here is the direction I got from an audition today...
    ANNCR: A big, classic, announcer-y announcer. But not a self-parody of a big, classic,
    announcer-y announcer.

    HUH? LOL
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