I've cast hundreds of computer games and directed thousands of actors. Voice acting is much more demanding than voice overs. Happy to help anyone interested.
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  • Robert your lower rumbly stuff is great but with subtle tweaking and different textures and accents you can do a lot more. Happy to help!
  • G'day from the frozen tundra, eh, Lani? I'm one of them rumbling types, and voiced Zelda's Ganondorf months ago, Lucifer himself weeks ago, and am currently being God-like in recording the entire New Testament. Question: am I correct in assuming I'm well-served staying within my comfort range? Or, like you, should I be stretching/working to be able to accomodate everything from squeaky mice to thunderous villains?
  • Glad to have our newest additions! Welcome. Answering Kara Noble, yes it's a good idea to have your own website for sure. I don't yet...I only have my business site, but your own personal site adds a lot of credibility to you and says your professional. Good question!
  • Do you think it's a good idea to be on the voice sites AND have your own webpage?
    kara noble
  • Well well well - or three holes in the ground as they're commonly known.

    And you know, as Steve Martin said, I mean it when I say "it's really great to be here".

    No, really.

    GM : ]
  • Welcome aboard Fizz. Let's make sure we keep those questions and comments coming. Everyone benefits from shared experiences!
    Enjoy and be well!
  • This is an awesome group!
  • My voice acting career began when I was five…
    voice acting is my “LIFE”… WHY?
    OMG… it is the ultimate… however… as regards this discussion…
    I’m a “wanna be”…no problem stating that…
    One of my mentors in music once told me…
    ”If you ain’t makin a livin at it, you ain’t a professional”
    While that may seem cold / harsh to some it’s all the difference between a AAA baseball team and the Yankees… in both cases they’re baseball players and equally… they’re worlds apart in the professional sense
    Another great person once told me that anyone can be a professional as long as one takes their job to heart and works to be the best possible “professional”… that could be a janitor, plumber, thespian, musician… et al
    All that to say it’s wise to temper one’s ideals with a generous addition of practicality.
    OK… enough Sigmoid Froid.
    Voice acting… I want to be one.
    My qualifications?
    I pretend to be a blues singer, a cat… yeah a meow meow… but then again… another guy in San Diego told me that acting on camera is all about YOU being the character you’re trying to portray… in other words be the person YOU would be if you were that person…
    So yes…playing a character is something I did on air in lots of broadcast improve…
    Here in Portland we have the very best community radio station in the whole world!
    Oh and we are the number one city in the world for microbreweries YO!
    OH my they’re good…
    I’m going to guess that voice acting require one’s total immersion in the role… after all old time radio plays were nothing less than real theatre…
    OK I’ll clam up and pay attention!
    This is a great discussion group in an apparent universe of really serious folks in the voice world… I love it…
    Thank You Lani!
  • Hi Lani and Hi to Everyone...

    Roy Cunningham here... radio nut, stage, screen music...
    I'll be sending a detailed post /comment in just a few... my typing is so atrocious it looks like a Rosetta stone for inhabitants of Zoomac 3...
    back in a flush!
    I mean flash
  • Lani,

    I'd be more than happy to provide a testimonial for you. How gracious of you to spend so much time helping so many people! I know I'm not alone in being grateful as I can see you helping so many.

    As far as the pricing for the book with the accompanying DVD... well, I think I'd get a publisher first. It would take the headache out of trying to publish a book on your own plus they could take care of your marketing and all the other stuff so you can concentrate on your VO career. I also think the DVD is a must.... your energy and love for what you do comes through crystal clear!!

    Thank you for your generosity.
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