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HAPPY NEW YEAR Entertainment Professionals on the West Side!!!Come usher in 2009 with VeniceBeach.TV and join us for a sacred circle on the beach.At Sunset Avenue just south of Rose Ave(Sunset on the water is at 4:55pm)Join us - we will be there on the sand near the ocean from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.more...It should be 49 degrees - get cozy!! Bring your affirmations, hopes, goals and dreams for 2009. We will go around the circle and share from our hearts and support one another in manifesting. Set out for the New Year with the energetic support of like minds and like hearts. Bring anything that symbolizes something meaningful to you - maybe that script or that DVD or a photo - and let our sacred circle fill it with magic to anchor your success throughout the year. Come with a big warm coffee and maybe a beach blanket and be prepared to enter the darkness - the moon will be a tiny sliver waxing crescent - perfect for entering your sacred place of creation. Inspire us with your favorite quote or a poem that triggers you to go for your dreams!! Bring your cam if you are a doc-filmmaker in the mood for Blair Witch the sequel! Please RSVP at tamarahenry101@gmail.com or if you need directions. Park in the Rose Avenue parking lot on the beach and walk south to the GingerBread Court at Sunset Avenue. Walk out on the sand to the edge of the Ocean and join us. If you are late, and we have already begun, just sit quietly and join us, and soon it will be your turn to share. Don't be distracted by the fireworks, it takes focus to hold steady in this crazy and fun world of entertainment!! See you Wednesday night!!!http://www.VeniceBeach.TVRSVP with Tamara tamarahenry101@gmail.com or just surprise us!!Bring your dreams for 2009!!
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