Here is what past attendees are saying:

"Thanks to your advice and your class I've just landed my first Agent and within the first hour had my first audition emailed to me.  Though it's only been 3 days since your class, I firmly placed one foot in front of the other and just did what you said to do.  Thank you Marc Graue!"

"Elias just booked his 2nd job for me...thank you for this great guy I met at your class" Arlene Glucksman Jones/AKA Talent Agency

I just wanted to let you know that after you produced my promo demo, SBV (Sutton, Barth and Vennari) decided to give me a shot. They are a great agency and I'm very happy. Thanks Marc, I'll let you know when I start making "stupid" money!!"

"I had the privilege of attending one of your Saturday classes, and then having you produce my Promo/Trailer Demo. Well just a few days ago, I had the honor of recording for Disney on a new project.  I’m writing to say thanks for the input you have on so many lives – including mine. Thanks again for your input into my career"

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