• Jan 17, 2010 from 5:00am to 1:00pm
  • Location: RMS Recording Studios
  • Latest Activity: Jan 28, 2021
At RMS recording studios in Birmingham, Michigan, you will be guided by veteran Loop Grouper and VO talent/teacher Pamela Lewis (www.talkingfunnyformoney.com) on looping for major motion pictures. During the morning, Pamela will give you specific improvisation and sound effect skills for looping which you will practice at the microphone under her direction. During the afternoon, you will be directed by Pamela and me behind the mic voicing to a scene from a major motion picture (what some refer to as ADR, or Additional Dialogue Recording/Replacement). You will be given copies of your work post-session. You can take either the morning or afternoon, or entire day. Requirements for morning are at least one experience, either work or training, recording behind a microphone and obtaining and reading Pamela's book, Talking Funny for Money, available through Amazon.com. Requirements for the afternoon are having taken the beginning looping session with Pamela and bringing the book to use during the course. Cost is $150.00 for either morning or afternoon, or $275.00 for the entire day. Further details available on www.tericlarkvoiceover.com/classes, where you can also register. Limited to 12. Register by January 11th.
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