• Aug 31, 2009 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Location: Boiler Room Audio
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The first voiceover training program dedicated to the needs of foreign, bilingual and voiceover performers of all ethnicities. To date in the “get rich quick” world of voiceovers in advertising we are led to believe that mainstream is the standard, that there’s a belief that there’s not a vast demand for ethnic, foreign language voices, native speakers. This view is present throughout the global media and is based on a myth that foreign, bilingual, voices of all ethnicities are not viable and in demand part of the marketplace. This is totally untrue. This growing area is in need of the culturally sensitive training and marketing that Voiceover Solutions Global Voice provides. At Global Voice the technique and marketing needs of the following are attended to:Performers of all ethnicities that do not fit the mainstream.Voice performers with a natural native accent with clear articulationNative speakers of all non-English language, Exotic Language speakers who are bilingual/translatorsBilingual TranslatorsSpanish/French Voiceover TalentBritish Voice talentAfrican Voice TalentCourse Outline:This course series is designed to orient voiceover talent interested in global voice work. First, to determine what genre of voice work is best suited for the talent will be based on their ability to interpret not only the language yet the intent of the writer when given various scripts WANT TO GET INTO DOING VOICEOVERS FOR COMMERCIALS?GET VOICEOVER WORK NOW WITH THE RIGHT TRAINING. VOICE-OVER ARTIST XAVIER PAUL, THE VOICE OF HBO, CNN, THE WEATHER CHANNEL, MOVIE TRAILERS, CARTOONS, ANIMATION (GRAND THEFT AUTO VIDEO GAMES), TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES AND HUNDREDS OF NATIONAL PROJECTS CAN GET YOU STARTED IN YOUR TRAINING FOR GETTING WORK IN TODAY'S VOICEOVER WORLD. Here’s the schedule for 2009:PACKAGE A:1) TELEPHONE COACHING2) EMAIL COACHING.DEMO PRODUCTION:GET A FULLY PRODUCED DEMO COMPLETE WITH SCRIPT SELECTION AND IN STUDIO COACHINGPACKAGE BINTENSIVE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING WITH DEMOWHERE YOU CAN:LEAVE WITH FINISHED DEMO CD TAILORED TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL VOICEPACKAGE CDEMO ASSESSMENT & REPAIR"FINALLY GET IT RIGHT WORKSHOP"HAVE A DEMO THAT CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS THAN VOICEOVER WORK? BRING IT TO US AND WE'LL FIX IT FOR YOU!PACKAGE D1 HOUR CRASH COURSECURIOUS ABOUT VOICEOVERS AND ON A TIGHT BUDGET? GET THE BASICS DURING THIS ONE HOUR ONE-ON-ONE SESSION DESIGNED TO SEE IF YOU CAN GET VOICEOVER WORK NOW.VISIT: WWW.COOLVOICERADIO.COMLOCATION: BOILER ROOM AUDIO 36 East 23rd between Park/Madison, buzzer #15 9th floorMonday thru FridayTO REGISTER, Call 646-326-7800OR EMAIL COOLVOICEOVERGUY@AOL.COM
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