• Feb 11, 2010 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm
  • Location: La Madeleine Restaurant next to SMU football field
  • Latest Activity: Jan 28, 2021
Only $20 per meeting! A fun way to mix and mingle, make new voiceover pals, and I'll be teaching too at each meeting with take-home handouts. NO WALK INS. You must go to the www.meetup.com website, sign up and be approved. Answer required questions about your training and background. Please note, we are an educational meeting in voiceovers and not a "singles group" or other type group. Once approved to attend, then you pay the $20 with either PAYPAL or AMAZON. The Meetup Organization is nationwide and has "rules" about this. The first two meetings of my voiceover group are in Dallas Feb 11 and March 11, Thursday nights, 6:30-8:30, at La Madeleine Restaurant next to the SMU football stadium on Mockingbird Lane. You can order food (it's not fast and stand in line cafeteria style so arrive early to order) and you may bring food into the side meeting room. Tell your North Texas friends. Only 20 may attend each meeting. All who attend must have signed up online and have been approved in advance by me.Visit http:://www.meetup.com/University-Park-Dallas-Voiceovers/
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  • Visit the website www.meetup.com and you'll see that leaders have expenses including dues to the natl. org. plus our handouts and time plus fending emails and phonecalls by the dozen in a big city like mine. Also, there is a cost to rent the hall. Mostly, leaders charge per meeting, some much more than my set fee, others charge "dues per month" or some method of their choosing. Bottom line is, time is money and leading a group takes much time, most of it outside of the meeting night.
  • What's the $20 for?

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