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You asked for it: Break Into ANIMATION Sign up for the "Break Into Animation" Teleseminar Our Break Into Animation Teleseminar Part I on Wed Jan 27, 2010 - 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST is the first CARTOON Q & A that's CUSTOMIZED for YOU. With us, our special guest and current cartoon series regular Richard Horvitz gives detailed, no-BS insider answers to as many of your questions as we can tackle in 90 minutes. [we promise a Part II...] Exactly and only the Animation Voice Over info that YOU WANT TO KNOW. Beware: some unpopular realities (better ya know now). Behold: lots of encouraging truths! Some of the great questions we'll be answering: I do a lot of funny voices, shouldn't I be doing animation?? Are there really only 10 people who do every animation job out there? I'm really good, so how can I break in?? Do I still need an agent? An animation demo? Improv comedy or acting classes? An interesting voice??? How do I get cast in the next Pixar film when celebrities take all the roles? Seriously, how much money is there in animation? This animation thing seems like a tough nut to crack, so tell me the action steps I can take NOW to get my animation career going! If you have a question about animation you want Richard to answer, email it ASAP to info@breakintovoiceover.com. Sign up at www.breakintovoiceover.com $49 buys an attendance slot on the teleseminar PLUS an MP3 of the call. More About Special Guest Richard Horvitz Richard Horvitz is a voice over veteran with more than 20 years' experience. He is recognized for his work in animation and video games, most notably as the voice of Invader Zim on Nickelodeon. Other roles include Billy on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Daggett on Nickelodeon's Angry Beavers, Rodney J. Squirrel on Squirrel Boy on Cartoon Network, and hundreds of other animated voices. In addition to voice acting, Richard also enjoys a successful on-camera career. This past year, Richard co-starred in the Stephen Soderbergh film The Informant! playing Matt Damon's Attorney, plus many often remember Richard as the nerdy Alan Eakian in the classic Carl Reiner film Summer School. Richard also works in sketch comedy alongside comic legend Fred Willard. Together they perform with Fred's sketch comedy group all over the country and appeared several times on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Richard began teaching voice over ten years ago after many agents and teachers referred students to him for private coaching. This has led to teaching privately as well as weekend seminars in Los Angeles and all over the country. Go to www.breakintovoiceover.com to sign up for this very special event!
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